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26-27 September 2015


Program (Sep.26)

8:30- Reception Open
Sanukite Concert (Kihada Hall)
- 10:10
Address of Opening (Kihada Hall)
- 10:20
- 10:40
Key Note (Kihada Hall) Key Note 1: Faquan Wu (China)
- 11:00
Coffee Break
- 11:20
Key Note 2: Shinji Toda (Japan)
- 11:40
Key Note 3: Masahiro Chigira (Japan)
- 12:50
- 14:15
Poster Session (2nd Floor)
Oral session Kihada Hall Hall A Hall B
Tp1-01 Invited 1063015 Recent Catastrophic Debris Flows and Risk Assessment in China
Chuan Tang
Tp3-01 1079559 Canceled
Tp2-01 1071717 Mitigation of the Natural Disaster by the Personal Disaster Prevention Map
Takahiko Konno
Tp1-02 1072042 Review and Perspectives on Methodology for Landslide Hazard Analysis
Chyi-Tyi Lee
Tp3-02 1082852 Resistivity Profiles and Foundation Structure of Central Tower in Bayon Temple, Angkor Thom
Koichi Nakagawa
Tp2-02 1083120 The Geographical Features of the Hiroshima Landslide Disaster Triggered by Heavy Rainfall on August 20, 2014
Shoji Doshida
Tp1-03 1079438 Potential Slope-Failure Hazards of the Batongguan Historical Trail in the Yushan National Park, Taiwan
Keng-Hao Kang
Tp3-03 1078795 Estimation of Subsurface Structure Using Microtremor in Karaj City, Iran
Nastaran Ehsani
Tp2-03 1071567 Hazard Mechanism Analysis of Taoguan Giant Debris Flow in Wenchuan Earthquake Area on July 10th,2013
Hu Xiewen
Tp1-04 1083619 Analyzing Failure Characteristics and Potential of Landslides in Hai Van Mountain, Vietnam
Tien Pham
Tp3-04 1078073 Seismic Monitoring of Kangding Ms6.3 Earthquake on the Slope Response
Wang Yunsheng
Tp2-04 1075046 Initiation Mechanisms of Huge Debris Flows in the Wenchuan Earthquake Area
W. Hu
Tp1-05 1083585 Stability Analysis of Shijiaping Landslide and its Effect on the Safety of a 750KV Substation in Tianshui, China
Lihui Li
Tp3-05 1079361 Rock Pile, a Particular Type of Debris Accumulation in Huanren, Liaoning Province, China
Qinglu Deng
Tp2-05 1071192 The Processes and Rates of Knickpoint Migration in Western Taiwan
Ming-Wan Huang
Tp1-06 1071897 3D Slope Stability Analysis for Slope Failure Probability in Sangun Muntainous, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Hendra Pachri
Tp3-06 1078237 Geochemical Risk Assessment of Highly Specified Road
Mariko Monma
Tp2-06 1082879 Canceled
Coffee Break
Oral session Tp1-07 1079080 Interaction Between Countermeasure Works and Landsliding Mass: a Case Study
Ning Ma
Tp3-07 1078615 Case Study of the Soundness Diagnostic Method by Monitoring the Time-Dependent Behaviour Around the Tunnel Ground
Hiroumi Niwa
Tp2-07 Invited 1076876 Georisks along Active Faults of Median Tectonic Line in Shikoku, Southwest Japan
Shuichi Hasegawa
Tp1-08 1079074 Post-Evaluation of Effect of Large- scale Landslide Control Based on Monitoring Measurement
Zhongping Zhang
Tp3-08 1082473 Case Study of a Tunnel with Time- Dependent Behavior in a Volcanic Area of Hokkaido
Yoshihiko Ito
Tp2-08 1081427 Engineering Geological Appraisal of Geohazards of Duqm Area, Sultanate of Oman.
Emad Y.Sharif
Tp1-09 1079314 Rainfall-Recharge-Runoff Processes through Bedrock Groundwater: Implications for Triggering of Deep- Seated Catastrophic Landslides
Yuki Matsushi
Tp3-09 1079418 Study on the Comprehensive Logging Experiment of the Nibashan Tunnel, China
Yong Ren
Tp2-09 1060199 Experimental Research of Correlation on Static and Dynamic Strength of Clay
Junhui Luo
Tp1-10 1077833 Patterns and Mechanism of Rockslides Induced by Rainfall in China
Qiang Xu
Tp3-10 1071925 Dominating Factors of the Wave Velocity Anisotropy for TCDP Borehole
Chang-No Wu
Tp2-10 1072033 Liquefaction Characteristic Based on Ground Response Linier Equivalent Analysis and Cyclic Stress Concept on Young Merapi Volcanic Deposit in Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Taufiq Wira Buana
Tp1-11 1071696 Rain-induced Rock Avalanches with a Sliding Surface Along an Out-of-Sequence Thrust
Noriyuki Arai
Tp3-11 1071942 Numerical Analysis on Shaft Lining Stability during Aquifer Quick Drainage in Eastern Chinese Coal Mines
Qing Yu
Tp2-11 1079322 Seismic Bearing Capacity of Jatinangor Education Area, Bandung, Indonesia
Twin H. W. Kristyanto
Tp1-12 1077074 Geomorphological and Geological Characteristics of Deep - Seated Gravitational Slope Deformation in the Kamikochi Area, Central Japan
Satoru Kojima
Tp3-12 1077425 Analysis on Deformation and Failure of Rock Mass in Deeply Buried Guanshan Railway Tunnel under High in Situ Stress
Ning Liang
Tp2-12 1083713 Control Morphology to the Landslide Induced Earthquake: Case Study Padang Pariaman, Sumatra
Tp1-13 1066537 Historical and Pre-Historical Gigantic Landslides in Tateyama Caldera and Their Mechanism of Occurrence
Tamotsu Nozaki
Tp3-13 1144082 Analyzing the Differences of Initiation Strength Between Embedded Crack and Penetrating Crack
Han Bao
Tp2-13 1079445 Canceled
Welcome Party (2nd Floor)

Program (Sep.27 1/2)

8:30 - Reception Open
9:00 - 9:20 Key Note (Kihada Hall) Key Note 4: Gyo-Cheol Jeong (Korea)
9:20 - 9:40 Key Note 5: Yogendra Deva (India)
9:40 - 10:00 Key Note 6: Liyuan Fei (Taiwan)
10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break
10:30 - 10:45 Oral session Kihada Hall Hall A
Tp1-14 Invited 1079257 Engineering Geological Issues after Gorkha Earthquake 2015 in Nepal - a Preliminary Understanding
Ranjan Kumar Dahal
Tp3-14 1142623 Development of SPA-500 Type Unsaturated Soil-Water Characteristics and Hydraulic Parameters Test System
Zhiqing Li
10:45 - 11:00 Tp1-15 1061044 A Preliminary Study on the Comprehensive Threshold for Debris-Flow Early Warning
Jian Huang
Tp3-15 1076118 Characteristics of Unloading Deep Soil Deformation in North China Plain
Sun Lin
11:00 - 11:15 Tp1-16 1071870 Geological and Geomorphological Features of Landslides Induced by 2011 Typhoon Talas in a Granite Porphyry Area
Yasuto Hirata
Tp3-16 1081481 Normalized Pore Water Pressure Ratio and Post-Cyclic Settlement of Saturated Clay Subjected to Undrained Uni-Directional and Multi-Directional Cyclic Shears
Tran Thanh Nhan
11:15 - 11:30 Tp1-17 1066849 Fluidized Landsliding Phenomenon on Volcanic Ash Slope during Heavy Rainfall: A Case Study of Izu Oshima Landslides
Gonghui Wang
Tp3-17 1083426 Shear Strength Reduction of Tertiary Jatiluhur-Subang Claystones Due to Swelling Processes
Imam A. Sadisun
11:30 - 11:45 Tp1-18 1070309 Analysis of Landslide Stability under the Impact of Rainfall and Reservoir Water: a Landslide in Southwestern China as an Example
Bowen Zheng
Tp3-18 1071095 Study on the Chemical Weathering of Black Shale in Northern Guangxi, China
Xin Liao
11:45 - 12:00 Tp2-14 1069261 Why Japan and Italy Have the Severest Geohazards?
Zhong-qi Quentin YUE
Tp3-19 1172127 Experimental Investigation on Soil-Water Retention Properties of Compacted GMZ01 bentonite with Consideration of Temperature and Initial Dry Density
Ye Wei-min
12:00 - 13:30 Lunch
13:30 - 13:45 Oral session Tp3-20 Invited 1071496 High Resolution Satellite Multi-Temporal Interferometry for Detecting and Monitoring Landslide and Subsidence Hazards
Janusz Wasowski
Hall B
13:45 - 14:00 Tp1-19 1071353 A Case Study: Characteristics of Unsaturated Loess (Q3) Sampling on Loess Plateau, NW China
Li Feng
Tp3-21 1070261 Enhancement of Coastal Protection under the Context of Climate Change: A Case Study of Hai Hau Coast, Vietnam
Do Minh Duc
Tp4-01 1080491 A study on the Relevance of Geology and Sediment Discharge in Mountain Watershed of Shimanto Accretionary Complex
Ryunosuke Nakanishi
14:00 - 14:15 Tp1-20 1079351 Experimental Study on the Formation and Evolution of Granular Mixtures Slope Selection Result
Li Ning
Tp3-22 1083665 Hazard Analysis for Jingerquan Mine Based on GPS Monitoring Technology
Ma Fengshan
Tp4-02 1078637 Recent Trend about Photogrammetry and Computer Vision: 3-D Visualization from Multiple 2-D Images and Application to Yokosuka Arsenal Dry Dock
Yukiyasu Fujii
14:15 - 14:30 Tp1-21 1071268 Influence of Particle Size and Shear Velocity on the Frictional Properties and Slip Instabilities of Sheared Granular Materials
Yao Jiang
Tp3-23 1072031 Temperature-and-Filtration Conditions in the Embankment at the Kumtor Mine, Kyrgyzstan: Case Study and Contingency Situation Analysis
Larisa Nozarova
Tp4-03 1083063 Management of Geological Survey Results in the CIM: Study on the Applicability of Three- Dimensional Geologic Modeling
Rie Kudoh
14:30 - 14:45 Tp1-22 1083728 Rapid Weathering and Salt Water Migration Processes near a Slope Surface in Plio- Pleistocene Mudstone Badlands in Southwest Taiwan
Kohei Higuchi
Tp3-24 1072043 The Deformation and Failure Mechanism of the Toppling Slope of the Dam Reservoir Area near Xinlong Hydropower Station
Wu Jian-li
Tp4-04 1144675 Permanent Displacement of Rock Slope Considering Degradation of Slide Surface during Earthquake
Shengwen Qi
14:45 - 15:00 Tp1-23 1071100 Landslide Run-out Derived from LiDAR Micro-Topography and Numerical Modeling: Route 9, Dakeng Bridge Watershed
Wei-Kai Huang
Tp3-25 1083743 Modification of Slope Mass Rating for Stable Slope Design
Zufialdi Zakaria
Tp4-05 1074214 CCS (Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage) Demonstration Project in Taiwan: Evaluation of Hydro-Geological Structure by Laboratory Tests
Masaki Ono
15:00 - 15:15 Tp4-06 1069004 Performance of Sorption Layer Using Ca/Mg Immobilizing Agent against Natural Contamination
Jialin Mo
15:15 - 15:35 Coffee Break
15:35 - 15:50 Oral session Tp1-24 1069443 Effects of Snow Load on Water Infiltration in the Ground Surface Layer of a Landslide
Hikaru Osawa
    Tp4-07 Invited 1079299 Ferric Oxyhydroxide in Underground Geological Environments and High-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal: Influence on Siting and Site Characterization
Hidekazu Yoshida
15:50 - 16:05 Tp1-25 1071166 A Possible Mechanism to Explain Reactivated Landslides Which Begin to Move in the Early Cold Season
Tatsuya Shibasaki
  Tp4-08 1078626 Development of Directional Drilling System -Outline of the System and its Application for Omagari Fault in Hokkaido-
Kenzo Kiho
16:05 - 16:20 Tp1-26 1063175 Displacement Properties of a Costal Landslide during a Winter Season
Sumio Matsuura
    Tp4-09 1052688 A New Method for Characterization of Discontinuity Based on Digital Borehole Camera Technology
Zengqiang Han
16:20 - 16:35 Tp1-27 1083794 Geomorphological and Geological Features of the Collapsing Landslides Induced by the 2009 Padang Earthquake
Maho Nakano
    Tp4-10 1061236 A Semi-Airborne TEM (GREATEM) Survey and its Applicability to Geo-Hazards
Hisatoshi Ito
16:35 - 16:50 Tp1-28 1071129 Various Models of Slope Stability due to Earthquake Activity in Gunung Tigo, Padang Pariaman, West Sumatera, Indonesia
Arif R. Darana
    Tp4-11 1048452 The Relation Between Tunnel Supports and Elastic Wave Structures Determined by the TFT System in a Tunnel
Masashi Nakaya
16:50 - 17:05 Tp1-29 1083503 Probability of Failure Based on Morphometric Characteristic of Slope in Padang Pariaman, West Sumatera, Indonesia
Luthfan Harisan Jihadi
    Tp4-12 1083676 Verification of Seismic Survey Results Ahead of a Tunnel Face using Drilling Vibration Data of Ultra-long Controlled Boring
Masahito Yamagami
17:05 - 17:20 Tp1-30 1069043 Classification of Landslides Induced by China Wenchuan 2008 Earthquake and Mechanisms of their Sudden Departure
Xiaoyan Zhao
    Tp4-13 1079330 The S-wave Velocity Structure and the Phase Velocity Distribution by the Microtremor Array Survey
Takao Sasaki
17:20 - 17:30 Break
17:30 - Closing Celemony (Kihada Hall)


Poster Session Program (Sep.26 12:50-14:15)

Topic 1

Tp1-P01 1070629 Analysis of the Post-Earthquake Stability and Research on Deformation and Failure Mechanism of the Talus Slope Located in Front of the Dam of Zipingpu Hydraulic Project
Lang Jing-xuan
Tp1-P18 1071341 Analysis of the Engineering Properties of Xigeda Stratum in Lamaxi Gully, Sichuan Province, China
Xiyong Wu
Tp1-P02 1076289 Evaluation of Micro-Topographies in Riverside Areas to Estimate High Flood Disaster Potential by Using DEM Data
Takahito Kuroki
Tp1-P19 1079415 The Effective Way to Mitigate Landslide by Groundwater Survey Measuring Ground Temperature
Tadashi Yasuda
Tp1-P03 1071741 Engineering Measure and Its Effect for Shaofanggou Landslide Type Debris Flow
Bu Xiang hang
Tp1-P20 1078958 Structural Control of Landslide in the Accretionary Complexes of the Southwest Japan
Hidehisa Nagata
Tp1-P04 1082507 Landslide Susceptibility Always Happens Every Year In Banjarnegara, Central Java, Indonesia
Novi Dian Anggraini
Tp1-P21 1079762 Engineering Geological Asset Management for Large Dams
Yasuhito Sasaki
Tp1-P05 1082640 Rockfall Hazard Assessment for a Railway Line in Western Shanxi Province, China
Sixiang Ling
Tp1-P22 1078500 Hazard Mapping of Earthquake-induced Deep-seated Catastrophic Landslide Using Helicopter-Borne Electromagnetic (HEM) Data
Atsuko Nonomura
Tp1-P06 1074988 Geological Determination of a Landslide Body Based on Drilled Cores
Yasuhiko Wakizaka
Tp1-P23 1078122 Features of Slope Disasters on Roads Caused by the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku Earthquake
Ken-ichi Asai
Tp1-P07 1068598 Four-Dimensional Electrical Resistivity Tomography of the Groundwater in a Landslide Zone
Zheng-yi Feng
Tp1-P24 1077184 Relationship between Groundwater Flow and Internal Structure of Landslide Mass by Combined Geophysical Survey Method
Gen Furuya
Tp1-P08 1071933 Characteristics of Seismic Motions and Pore Pressure Response in the Filled Slopes
Issei Doi
Tp1-P25 1083783 Slope Stabilization for Coal Mining In Prabumulih District, South Sumatera Province, Indonesia
Hilman Damanhuri Al Ahfas
Tp1-P09 1062524 Gravitational Slope Deformation Due to River Rejuvenation in the Laonung River Catchment, Taiwan
Ching-Ying Tsou
Tp1-P26 1083042 An Investigation of a Submerged Landslide by Using an Innovative Leisure-use Sonar
Shintaro Yamasaki
Tp1-P10 1079300 Evaluation of Hazardous Area of Falling Rocks Using Digital Elevation Model
Takuya Urakoshi
Tp1-P27 1079359 Seismic Measurement in the Mudstone Landslide Area
Issei Doi
Tp1-P11 1078907 Validation of Topographical and Geological Conditions Involved in Shallow Landslide Using Statistic Methods
Yuichiro Nishikane
Tp1-P28 1078860 Canceled
Tp1-P12 1079383 Preliminary Deterministic Seismic Landslide Hazard Maps of Tandikat Area
Ruly Resfiandhi
Tp1-P29 1083620 Clarifying Geological Structure of Deep Catastrophic Landslide Using Airborne Electromagnetic Survey
Hiromitsu Isshiki
Tp1-P13 1082938 Canceled
Tp1-P30 1079451 Research on the Influence of Material Permeability to Landslide Dam Seepage Stability
Zhenming Shi
Tp1-P14 1083261 Relationship of Soil Properties and Dynamic Load to Determine Type of Landslides in Sumedang Regency West Java Indonesia
Siska Febyani
Tp1-P31 1083709 Characteristics of Shallow Landslides, Soil Layer Structure and Soil Properties on Hillslopes Underlain by Granite and Hornfels Cases from the Disaster on 20 August 2014 at Hiroshima, Japan
Takuma Watakabe
Tp1-P15 1080438 Crushed Rock Mass in Landslide Body of the Cretaceous Sedimentary Rocks
Toshio Mizutani
Tp1-P32 1104129 Slope Stability Analysis and Prevention Measures in D Area of South Part of Baiyun’ebo Open-pit Iron Mine
Zhang Bin
Tp1-P16 1082785 The Analysis of the Slope Stability Design on Pemali, North Bangka, Bangka Belitung Islands, Indonesia
Kemala Wijayanti
Tp1-P33 1083253 Structure and Stability of Zhangmu Deposit in Tibet
Hu Ruilin
Tp1-P17 1078210 A Hydrogeological Study for the Hiroshima August 2014 Disaster
Tomoaki Kayaki

Topic 2

Tp2-P01 1071746 Survey and Analysis the "8.13" Debris Flows Fan in Longchi Area of Dujiangyan City, Sicuan Province
Qu Yongping
Tp2-P06 1082935 Erosion Zone Arround Upper Cisokan DAM, West Java, Indonesia
Ichsan Alfan
Tp2-P02 1079447 Potential Risks of Fault Reactivation Associated with the Production of Shale Gas by Hydraulic Fracturing
Haijun Zhao
Tp2-P07 1082936 Canceled
Tp2-P03 1077761 Study on the Deformation Characteristics and Dynamic Mechanism of Seismic Fractures in Wenchuan Earthquake Shattered Slopes
Jin Ke Yuan
Tp2-P08 1083604 Mimic Active Faults – the Quaternary Deformations by Bedrock Expansion
Shuichi Hashimoto
Tp2-P04 1071673 Risk Evaluation and Debris-Flow-Induced River Blocking Probability Assessment along Duwen Highway
Han Mei
Tp2-P09 1079665 Development of Analysis Method Using LiDAR Data for Three Dimensional Measurement of Slope Movement
Teruyuki Kikuchi
Tp2-P05 1077635 Analysis on Vegetation Growth Characteristics of Manas River Basin in Sinkiang
Wang Xiuyan

Topic 3

Tp3-P01 1075939 Formative Mechanism of Inhomogeneous Distribution of Fractures, an Example of the Toki Granite, Central Japan
Eiji Sasao
Tp3-P14 1080333 Change in the Arsenic Leaching from Clayey Soil by Adding Slag Cement
Yuka Endo
Tp3-P02 1076277 Washout of Clay-rich Gouge in a Pre-grouted Fault Zone and Increase in Groundwater Inflow during Tunnel Excavation in Neogene Siliceous Mudstone (Horonobe, Japan)
Eiichi Ishii
Tp3-P15 1071889 Evaluation and Prediction of Risks Associated with Groundwater Salinization and Dilution: Examples from Coastal Plains around the City of Tosa, Shikoku Island, Japan
Shuichi Miyaji
Tp3-P03 1078586 Experimental Study of Grouting for Mechanical Improvement of Bedrock
Shinji Utsuki
Tp3-P16 1083737 Invitation to the Geo-Tetsu Tour by Train Trips, Visiting of the Railway Route for Geohazard: A Case Study of the JR Dosan Line in Shikoku, Southwest Japan
Hironori Kato
Tp3-P04 1071699 An Analysis of the Geological Conditions and the Structural Characteristics of the Changyu Caverns
Dan Yang
Tp3-P17 1083160 Design Analysis of Tunnel Portal in Pasir Jawa L.520 Pongkor’s GMBU Underground Mine PT. Aneka Tambang Tbk.
Risman Chandra Budiman
Tp3-P05 1075023 Rates of Rock Property Changes Due to Weathering: Welded Tuff Gravel in Fluvial Deposits in the Miyazaki Plain, Japan
Ken-ichi Nishiyama
Tp3-P18 1083192 Suitable Calculation of Shallow Foundation Bearing Capacity by Comparing The Calculation of Terzaghi’s and Mayerhorf’s Concepts in Jatinangor, West Java Province, Indonesia
Ilham Pinasti
Tp3-P06 1078900 Model Test of Pile-Plank Structure Working as Roadbed of High Speed Railway Overlying Goafs
Qian-gong Cheng
Tp3-P19 1079199 Influence of Mineral Assemblage to Form the Groundwater Quality in Altered Rock Area
Takehiro Ohta
Tp3-P07 1079312 The Suitable Utilization of Extractive Tuff as Building Materials Based on Mineral Composition and Rock Strength
Ade Triyunita
Tp3-P20 1078212 Case Study of the Reconsidering of the Measurement Data and Geological Survey Results of the Tunnel with Time-dependent Behaviour
Kenji Okazaki
Tp3-P08 1083122 RMR and SMR as Slope Stability Preliminary Studies of Rajamandala Limestone Mine Area
Ilham Prasetya
Tp3-P21 1059091 Verification of Swelling and Landslides of Smectite-Bearing Ground due to Hydrothermal Alteration in Non-Volcanic Region
Eiji Tamura
Tp3-P09 1060643 Migration Behavior of Life Source Contaminants in a Landfill Site
Liwen Cao
Tp3-P22 1082875 Change in Chemical Species of Arsenic in Groundwater and Surface Water
Asumi Sakaguchi
Tp3-P10 1079443 Influence of Curing Conditions on Mechanical Properties of Chemically Grouted Sands and Its Micromechanism
Gailing Zhang
Tp3-P23 1079426 Structure Characteristics of Neogene and Engineering Response to Deep Excavation
Qinghong Dong
Tp3-P11 1079439 Investigation on the Overburden Deformation and Failure under the Influence of Thrust Faults: A Case Study in the Yima Mining Area
Wanghua Sui
Tp3-P24 1078813 Chemical Characterization of Acid Tunnel Drainage
Toshiyuki Kurahashi
Tp3-P12 1081424 The Zonation of Static Shallow Foundation Bearing Capacity on Educational Area of Padjadjaran University, Sumedang District, West Java, Indonesia
Yogi Prianda Putra
Tp3-P25 1104059 Effects of Adsorption and Covering-Soil Layers on Arsenic Leaching from Excavated Rocks
Jin Ota
Tp3-P13 1079342 Characteristic of Loosen Rock Mass had in the Dam Site Based on the Hard Sandstone Layer in the Cretaceous
Kazumi Yasumoto
Tp3-P26 1143995 Mechanical Properties of Weak Rock for Tunnel Construction in Korea
Hyun-Seok Yun

Topic 4

Tp4-P01 1076786 Heat Transfer Characteristic of Saturated Sand in Steady Flow around a Cooling Pipe
Rangga Sudisman
Tp4-P07 1079395 Sediment Supply and Transport Pass Inferred from Magnetic Susceptibility of Submarine Fan Deposits of the Kazusa Group
Naoya Sugiyama
Tp4-P02 1078414 Evaluation of Groundwater Permeation in Fractures around Rock Cavern Using Ground Penetrating Radar
Kazuhiko Masumoto
Tp4-P08 1083621 Study for the Elucidation of the Sedimentation Structure Using the Numerical Analysis
Yusaku Isobe
Tp4-P03 1076231 Verification of 3 Dimensional Voids Geometry in Porous Material with μ Focus X-Ray CT - Example of Small Glass Ball Aggregate -
Manabu Takahashi
Tp4-P09 1080041 Fundamental Research on the Property Assessment of Ground Improvement Utilizing the Borehole Wall Imaging
Yasunori Ootsuka
Tp4-P04 1071980 Geomorphological Analysis Tool Based on the Generic Mapping Tools
Hisao Sunouchi
Tp4-P10 1079070 Contributions of the Remote Sensing by Earth Observation Satellites on Engineering Geology
Takeo Tadono
Tp4-P05 1080009 Development of Directional Drilling System and Measurement Method in the Borehole -Application of Seismic Tomography between Surface and the Borehole-
Kenji Kubota
Tp4-P11 1250000 Analysis of the Sediment Production Characteristics by the Satellite Image - Case Study in Tanzania -
Hiroshi Ogawa
Tp4-P06 1079019 Pore Water Pressure Estimation Method at the Time of the Collapse Using a Soil Strength Probe
Hidemasa Ohta