Keynote Speakers and Invited Speakers


There are altogether 4 Topics, and 6Keynote speakers and 5 Invited speakers.


Topic 1. Landslides, Debris flows, and Rock mass collapse


Keynote speaker: Professor Masahiro Chigira (Japan)

Geohazards in Asian countries

Keynote speaker: Professor Gyo-Cheol Jeong(Korea)

Evaluation of Slope Hazards and Landslide-Triggering Factors in Korea

Invited speaker: Professor Chuan Tang (China)

Recent catastrophic debris flows and risk assessment in China

Invited speaker: Dr. Ranjan Kumar Dahal (Nepal)

Engineering Geological Issues after Gorkha Earthquake 2015 in Nepal - a preliminary understanding

Topic 2. Neotechtonics and Geohazards

Keynote speaker: Professor Shinji Toda (Japan)

Seismic and displacement hazard assessments on active faults in Japan

Invited speaker: Professor Shuichi Hasegawa (Japan)

Georisks along active faults of Median Tectonic Line in Shikoku, Southwest Japan

Topic 3. Engineering Geology in Construction and Maintenance

Keynote speaker: Professor Faquan Wu (China)

A positive reinforcement method for rock slope

Keynote speaker: Mr. Yogendra Deva (India)

Natural damming in the India Himalaya and its Impact on Hydropower Development

Invited speaker: Dr. Janusz Wasowski (Italy)

High resolution satellite multi-temporal interferometry for detecting and monitoring landslide and subsidence hazards

Topic 4. New Technology

Keynote speaker: Mr. Liyuan Fei (Taiwan)

The Road from National LiDAR mapping program to Zonation of the Geohazards in Taiwan

Invited speaker: Professor Hidekazu Yoshida (Japan)

Ferric oxyhydroxide in underground geological environments and high-level radioactive waste disposal: influence on siting and site characterization