Peer Review of the Papers

The papers submitted in the Conference have been reviewed based on the contents requirement and the peer review system as explained below.

Contents requirements for Papers

  1. The papers must relate to the Engineering Geology, and the contents of them must meet with one of the following four categories.
    • Landslides, Debris flows, and Rock mass collapse (Topic 1)
    • Neotectonics and Geohazards (Topic 2)
    • Engineering Geology in Construction and Maintenance (Topic 3)
    • New Technology (Topic 4)
  2. The contents of the papers must not have technical error, and must reach the scientific and technical level appropriate for the Conference.
  3. The papers must not have been and be going to be placed in other official journal of a scientific society. And the papers must not contain commercial contents.
  4. The titles of the papers must really fit accord with their purpose and results.
  5. The use of the terms, formulae, figures, and tables in the papers must be appropriate. The contents and the description of the papers must not have the vagueness.

Peer review system in the Conference

  1. The Peer Review Subcommittee (PRS) was established for the Conference, and PRS assigned the Peer Reviewers.
  2. Each paper was reviewed by two peer reviewers basically. The reviewers submitted the peer review reports which contain the judgment whether the paper met the required contents explained above, reviewers view and suggestions.
  3. The peer review reports were compiled by PRS, and the results were fed back to the authors.
  4. The papers revised by the authors based on the peer review results were resubmitted to PRS, and they were reviewed by PRS again. If the paper still did not reach the appropriate level, second (or third) peer review results resent to the authors again.
  5. Finally, the papers which revised properly based on the peer review result and approved by PRS were published.


  1. The PRS commended the papers which is particularly excellent in the Conference.