Report of 10th IAEG Asian Regional Conference 2015

The 10th IAEG Asian Regional Conference was held in Kyoto University, Japan 26-29th September, 2015, with about 230 delegates from 12 countries attending the meeting.

Group photo in the opening ceremony

The conference was organized by IAEG Japan National Group, Japan Society of Engineering Geology (JSEG), and Kyoto University. And 5 well-known societies co-organized the conference; they are Japan Landslide Society, Japan Geotechnical Consultants Association, Society of Exploration Geophysicists of Japan, Geological Society of Japan, and Japanese Geotechnical Society.

Main theme of the conference is Geohazards and Engineering Geology, and 4 topics. They are Topic 1, Landslides, debris flows, and rock mass collapse, Topic 2, Neotechtonics and geohazardes, Topic 3, Engineering geology of construction and maintenance, and Topic 4, New Technology. The conference has received 165 technical papers. JSEG published the conference proceedings of USB memory and collection of abstracts has been organized.

Delegates with JSEG staff uniform

The conference opening ceremony was held 9:30 in the morning, on 26th. Sanukite concert was performed in the silence by the performer, Ms. Megumi Hattori at the beginning of opening ceremony. Sanukite is a kind of Andesite, and have very hard quality and high sound by hitting.

Masahiro Chigira, the chair of organization committee delivered opening speech and introduced the reason of the conference theme and the history of Asian Regional Conference (Originally called Asian Symposium of Engineering Geology). Shuichi Hasegawa, president of JSEG made welcome speech and introduction of the recent activities of Japan Society of Engineering Geology. Faquan Wu, IAEG Secretary General and past vice president for Asia delivered opening address on behalf of the IAEG executive board. Yogendra Deva, IAEG vice president for Asia made address on behalf of Asian region.

Opening of welcome party

Six keynote speakers were invited to give lectures. On 26th, Faquan Wu delivered the lecture on Positive reinforcement method for rock slope. Masahiro Chigira made summary of Geohazards in Asian countries. Shinji Toda, Tohoku University introduced Hazard assessments on active faults in Japan.

On 27th morning, Gyo-Cheol Jeong, President of Korean Society of Engineering Geology made the report on Slope hazards and landslides triggering factors in Korea. Yogendra Deva reported natural damming in the Himalaya and its impact on hydropower development. Liyuan Fei, Central Geological Survey of Taiwan, introduced National LiDAR mapping program to zonation of the geohazards in Taiwan.

Thirteen sessions of fore topics were arranged in the conference. In these sessions, 81 engineering geologists made the oral presentations. 30 presentations for Topic 1, 13 for Topic 2, 25 for Topic 3, 13 for Topic 4 were reported respectively.

Traditional dance

Five invited speakers out of them, as for Topic 1; Chuan tang from China, Topic 2; Shuichi Hasegawa from Japan, Topic 3; Janusz Wasowski from Italy, and Topic 4; Hidekazu Yoshida from Japan made the oral presentations respectively. As for special report, Ranjan Kumar Dahal from Nepal reported 2015 Gorkaha Earthquake. On 26th afternoon of Poster session, 79 scholars made poster presentations. 33 of Topic 1, 9 of topic 2, 26 of Topic 3, and 11 of topic 4 were presented.

In the welcome party, Daiei Inoue made a speech as the first proposer for Asian Symposium. Opening of big barrel of Japanese Sake, Japanese drum were performed and traditional Indonesian dancing was joined.

The conference closing ceremony was made in the afternoon of 27th Sep. Masahiro Chigira introduced excellent technical papers, and made closing remarks.

Field Trip, investigating of landslide

Field Trip was made on 28th Sep. for investigating the landslides in the mountain area about 100km far south of Kyoto, and on 29th Sep. visiting cultural asset in Nara City and the dam under constructing of additional large tunnel spillway. It was best condition for the Field Trip.

On 27th lunch time, IAEG Asia National Group’s Meeting was held. Participants were 5 from Japan, 3 from China, 2 from Korea, 2 from Taiwan, India, Dubai, Viet Nam, Indonesia, and Nepal. Meeting chair, Yogendra Deva made the Agenda of the meeting. After reporting of each national group condition, meeting members mainly discussed for the country of next 11th Asian Regional Conference.

Group photo of conference committee