From big projects in relation to engineering geology through the 20th Century located in Kyushu , Japan.
The only one lift bridge in Japan constructed on poor subsoil on the Saga Line of ex-Japan National Railroad. It is used as a sightseeing facility now. (on the boundary of Saga Prefecture and Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ;left upper).
Artificial island for ventilation of the Miike Coal Mine. ( Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ; right upper)
The Wakato Ohashi Bridge over the Dokai Bay. (Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan ; left middle )
Outer bank of reclamation work for prevention of disaster in the Isahaya Bay. ( Nagasaki Prefecture , Japan ; right middle)
Geothermal power plant located at Kuju Highland. ( Oita Prefecture, Japan ; left lower)
Impervious work at an underground dam in Miyakojima Island. ( Okinawa Prefecture , Japan ; right lower )

( Photographed by Yushiro IWAO. )