IAEG membership

Fig.1 shows the change of IAEG membership of each Region from 2008. Total IAEG members are approximately 4,000 at present. The biggest region is Europe, about 1,700 members at present, while have been gradually decreased in recent ten years. On the other hand, Asia has been increasing, about 1,000 members at present. This rapid change is due to increase of the China National group.
Fig. 2 shows the change of the IAEG membership of main National group from 2008. The biggest membership is the China National group, has been increased up to 600 members. Germany is the biggest National group in Europe, over 500 members for a long time. Another big National group is New Zealand, and still increasing near 400 members.



Paper of the IAEG Bulletin

Fig.3 shows the number of papers submitted to the IAEG Bulletin from 2012 to 2015.
The number of the papers submitted has rapidly increased in these 4 years from 200 to about 600 in a year. And amazingly, 70 % of the papers have been rejected.
The numbers of papers submitted from each country in 2015 and January to June in 2016 are shown in the Fig. 4. The ratio of the numbers of accepted papers are 13 % from China, 11 % from Iran and 23 % from Turkey respectively. The numbers of the papers submitted from these three countries are approximately 400, almost 65 % of the total numbers.
Fig. 5 shows changes to the Impact Factor for the Bulletin from 2007 to 2015. The figure for 2015 is 1.252, considerably higher than for 2014 and far and away the highest ever.




Fig. 6 shows the distribution of the numbers of the papers in the technical fields, Bulletin in 2015 and 2016. Most popular fields are Soil or Rock mechanism and Test. Another popular field is Landslide or Slope stability, and Rock fall. It is considered that especially the latter technical fields will be much important for worldwide Engineering Geology in these days.



Table 1 shows the history and places of the IAEG Congress and IAEG Council meeting. In this table, IGC Congress is also described.
IAEG Council meeting were held in accordance with IGC Congress without 2008 and 2012.
History of the IAEG Regional Conference for Asia which started from Tokyo in 1997 is described in right side of the table. This Conference has been held on every 2 years in Asian countries.