Research Group

  • Research Group on Groundwater
  • Research Group on Engineering Geomorphology
  • Research Group on Environmental Geology
  • Research Group on Engineering Geology for Disaster Prevention
  • Research Group on Engineering Geology in Civil Engineering


Research Group on Groundwater

Background and Target

Global-scale environmental changes have recently caused the new problems on the groundwater such as controlling the impounded water in the landslide lakes resulted from slope failure or mudflow , the spreading radioactive material by the accident in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station in March 2011.
They are complicatedly connected with the existing research objects such as the regional groundwater flow, and the water flow in cracked bedrock.

The research group aims to resolve these problems through the activities of the following working groups.
Working Group 1 on the groundwater in wide urban area
Working Group 2 on the groundwater in the cracked bedrock related to Dam, Tunnel, Slope.
Working Group 3 on the groundwater in the bedrock of the repository for geological disposal of Radioactive waste
Working Groupe 4 on the transfer of radioactive material on groundwater.

Chairman: Takeshi HAYASHI

Reseach Group on Engineering Geomorphology

Background and Target

Landforms can be a resource of the valuable information with the practical benefits for local communities, however, that requires the establishment of the methods to clarify the causality between the existing landform and its historical background or the formative mechanism, and to evaluate its engineering characteristics, and to predict its future.
On the other hand, although the revitalization of rural economy by the tourism industry has recently been attracting lots of attention, the value of the cultural and historical heritages, that have been traditionally cultivated in our country, cannot be evaluated unless we understand the landforms where the heritages are located because they also have close relationship to the landform.

The research group aims to establish such a method to provide the public with the landform information as the public can easily understand the technical implication of landform and as the public’s realization can be deep and rich, and as the landform gives movement of emotion and practical benefit to users.

Chairman: Sakae Mukoyama

Reseach Group on Environmental Geology

Background and Target

Natural disaster has recently been increasing its occurrence and extent. The one of the important assignments of the Environmental Geology is to protect the public from natural disaster and to maintain the environment around the public through the studies to establish the social structure and the techniques to maintain the infrastructure.
The conservation of the environment related to ground and soil draws increasing attention and the public often consults the research group about the contamination of soil or groundwater and so on. To resolve such issues is also one of the assignments of the research group.
In addition, the research group’s assignments include wide area of issues such as energy and water resources, life’s diversity, conservation of geo-ecological system.

The research group aims to research the environmental geology that includes above mentioned problems and return the results of research to JSEG’s member and society

Chairman: Hideki Inagaki

Research Group on Engineering Geology for Disaster Prevention

Background and Target

In Japan, various terrestrial changes such as earthquake, severe rainstorm, and volcanic eruption occur year after year, and they often cause sediment disasters such as landslide and slope failure. Predicting the occurrence of such natural disaster and reducing the damage, and accelerating the rehabilitation after the disaster crucially needs to utilize the geological expert knowledge and experience.

The research group aims to find out a good deal of knowledge about the geological disasters, such as earthquake and slope failure, by means of applying the engineering geological investigations and the research methods to them and to utilize the knowledge for prediction of the occurrence of geological disaster, reduction of the damage, and for the activity of rehabilitation.

Chairman: Takashi Inokuchi

Research Group on Engineering Geology in Civil Engineering

Background and Target

‘Toward the Renovation of Engineering Geology in Civil Engineering’

In recent years, the amount of civil engineering construction has been reducing due to the slumping Japanese economy. However, the engineering geology is indispensable not only for civil engineering structures but also for the utilization, conservation and management of our national land.

Engineering geology has been developed in response to the needs for the construction of civil engineering structures. Hereafter, in addition to such development, the engineering geology has to prepare new technologies in response to the present-day issues such as economical construction, the problem of aging infrastructures and national land devastation, natural disasters, environmental problem, waste problem, energy problem, welfare problem etc.

Furthermore, the systematization and international standardization of Japanese engineering geological techniques is needed the adaptability for global problems such as water crisis.

Then, our research group aims to renovate our engineering geological techniques for utilizing them to the present-day and international problems.

Our research group makes the case studies on engineering geological problems and the state-of-the-art technologies on civil engineering sites, and discusses what new desirable techniques are, and how we should contribute. Finally we work to make new systems and standards of the modern engineering geology in civil engineering.


Chairman: Yasuhito SASAKIVice-chairman: Ryoji ISHIDASecretaries: Yoshihira NISHIYANAGI, Tatsuya MATSUO, Hiroyuki YAMAMOTO

Members:Norikazu ABE, Yoshio UDAGAWA, Masahiro KATAYAMA, Takeshi KAWAGOE, Seiji NAGAI, Satoshi HASEGAWA, Yoshiki MORI, Hiroyuki WATATANI, Tetsuya SHIOMI, shigeru MIYAMURA Activity


1) Fundamental study on engineering geology in civil engineering
2) Case study on the key technologies and its problems
3) Consideration on the future vision of engineering geology
4) Consideration on standardization and guidelines for engineering geological investigations
5) Planning of events and programs on the education and extension of engineering geology