Photo Report on 13th Overseas Excursion to UK & Participation in IAEG Congress


The 10th IAEG congress,Nottingham,United Kingdom held on 6-10 September 2006
hosted by the Engineering Group of the Geological society of London

Folded Jurassic beds in Lulworth Cove at the coast of Dorset. This deformation was formed in the age of Tertiary. Ammonite fossils decorated on the stone fens at Portland island
Japan IAEG members at conference party of the 10th IAEG Conference. Coast at East born south of England. Many wooden protections are constructed for countermeasure to erosion.
Guide map of Dorset Coast , geological wold heritage Guide map of Dorset Coast , geological world heritage. Chesil Beach, strange 30km linear coast bank, and Portland island are located on right side of map